Previous Design Projects

Originally my client wasn’t yet sure of the style of summer house when we installed this paving for them, all they knew was they wanted a warm and cosy spot to contemplate, enjoy and entertain in! In the end they chose a log cabin, so with the help of a local joiner, we added hardwood firrings to seat the log cabin on

to avoid the entire structure from deforming in the future due to an uneven surface.

The Epitome of “Hygge and Cosiness”

“Where do the Children Play?”

Some stylish bespoke side gate security!

In this project, my clients were growing frustrated with the constant battle against slopes and navigating mowers around fruit trees so I suggested some very basic terracing, permeable membrane and woodchip to keep the look as ‘natural’ as possible. The new step was added as an afterthought purely for practical reasons due to the previous one falling to bits and being too small to stand on properly.

A long standing client of mine had a recent addition to the family of the 4 legged variety which happened to be very good at jumping over low walls!

After I’d designed and built a gate on one side of their house, my client’s were so pleased with the result that they commissioned me to design and build one for this side of the house too!

This beautiful town house in Hexham was newly built and the garden was left as a blank canvas to plant to my clients express wishes!

Due to a large concrete foundation at the foot of this retainer wall I suggested a raised planter design to accommodate some careful planting of climbing roses, tulips, ferns, hellebores, sarcocca, and catmint!

For this project my client needed a user-friendly area that provided them with a safe and comfortable environment in which to enjoy their lovely garden and some sunshine without slipping on mossy greened up rotting decking!

This small space was becoming very frustrating for my client with mud and soil being constantly churned up due to vehicle use and inclement weather, leaving the area almost unusable and untidy. Permeable membrane, some hardcore and decorative gravel with locally sourced larch edging was the logical solution to keep things tidy and practical to use.

Here in this project , my client’s wanted to shift gears where they required a lower maintenance border. Before we did the re-design it was jam packed full of plants and extremely difficult for them to maintain effectively and efficiently. They chose most of the plants and knew exactly what they wanted and we successfully implemented it for them!

Above are some Jepg’s of the Fibonnaci design with photos of the project early on, as well as some before photos.